Body Piercing Courses, Body Piercing Training, Body Piercing Tuition

Welcome to The Samsara School of Body Piercing

We are part of Samsara Ink in Weston super Mare. Continuing on from their high levels of professionalism as leaders in the Tattooing industry, we now offer Body Piercing Courses, which are very extensive and intensive covering all of the above the waist Piercing including surface.

Our Body Piercing Trainer is Keith Fakenbridge who has been in the industry for over 30 years and was the pioneer of Body Piercing Courses, teaching precision Body Piercing since 1999. He devised various methods and techniques for performing highly accurate Body Piercing that took out all the ad-hoc guesswork.

Course Days

Course hours are 10am to 5pm.

Day One begins to create a knowledge base, covers theory and introduces equipment.

Day Two continues where we left off from day one. The first two days are used as a springboard into the practical application.

Day Three is practical, applying the techniques you have learnt during days one and two.

Day Four continues on from day three with the practical application.

Day Five finishes off the practical application and completes the course.

Trainees will have the use of all equipment in a 'live' studio environment during their stay with us.

Course Curriculum

The following curriculum contains most of the things that will be covered on the course, but may not necessarily be in the order stated. Trainees will be given a ring binder for their own notes and handouts, but need to bring along a writing pad, pens and pencils etc.

  • Studio Requirements to Environmental Health Standards
  • Studio and Equipment Hygiene and Sterilisation
  • The professional use of all equipment
  • The use of other medical materials
  • General Safety at Work including Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Body Piercing Placements eg Names and Positions
  • Correct Measurements of placements
  • Correct measurements of jewellery for each piercing
  • Suitable Types and Grades of jewellery
  • The suitability of metals for body jewellery
  • Customer Care and Health Records
  • Body Piercing Aftercare
  • Minor Emergencies and how to deal with them
  • Duty of Care towards clients, including fainting
  • Possible problems. The advice to give eg allergies and rejections
  • Observation of piercings performed

    Passing the course is by the continuous assessment of practical ability

    The Certificate awarded is a personal merit at the time of issue and will not apply to any other person. It does not apply to the studio/clinic where the person may be employed. It qualifies the person and NOT the premises.

    The Course Fee is £750.00

    Courses run on the first Sunday of each month depending on how bank holidays fall.